Tips for the Perfect Bridal Hair Trial

by: Hannah Colby, hairbyhannah

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As you go through your wedding checklist, you can check off the ring, the dress, the venue, and now it is finally time to book your hair for your special day. Your hair is an important part of your overall wedding day look so it is crucial you get it right. After all, a bad hair day isn’t really an option on your wedding day!

Leave it to professionals and find a stylist who specializes in bridal styling. Sites such as “The Knot” can be helpful when trying find your perfect stylist. Browsing on social media, particularly Instagram’s discover page, can also be a really easy and visual way to track down wedding professionals in your area.

Once you have secured your wedding date with your stylist of choice, it is time to book your trial. I have put together my top five tips for the perfect bridal hair trial that I have come to find as a bridal hair specialist.

1. Book your hair trial 2-3 months prior to your wedding day.

If you book it too early, changing trends or indecisiveness could lead to second-guessing and cause a last minute change that is never recommended! Be sure your hair professional is taking notes and photographs so they will remember the specific details on how they achieved your final look for the wedding day.

2. Create a Pinterest Board for all your wedding inspiration

Keep all of your wedding inspiration organized using Pinterest boards and give access to your hair professional prior to your trial. This will give them an idea of what your overall style is like, so they can offer some alternative options that best suit your style. You can also add notes to the pins to easily communicate with your stylist. “Love the braid, but not the curls in this pin!” 

3. Take lots of pictures from all angles on the day of the trial.

You may love how it looks in the mirror, but it may appear a bit differently in photographs. So be sure you love it both ways from all angles including head on, both sides, and the don’t forget the back! I also recommend making plans for after your trial so you can get a second opinion from friends or family. You will also be able to see how well the style holds up throughout the rest of the day this way.

4. Try to wear a neckline and color closest to your dress on the day of the trial

This will help you get a good idea how everything will look together. I also recommend trying to schedule your makeup trial on the same day or applying makeup yourself before the trial. Your overall look will look much different against a fresh face compared to a full face of makeup!

5. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you are not liking the direction your trial is heading!

Be picky and specific about what you do and don’t love during the trial. One piece of hair that needs an extra curl? Say so! The purpose of the trial is to get all the kinks out of the way and perfect the style, so you can sit back and relax the day of your wedding! 

What are your wedding trial tips for brides-to-be?

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