“ What can I say...I LOVE Hannah! She did my hair for my wedding and wedding party in September. She is so talented, easy-going, and was just a real pleasure to work with. Before I even met her in person, I felt like we were besties...she is just that sweet and so accommodating. One of my favorite things about her is her honesty... I was having a hard time deciding what style I wanted to try for the big day (I hate making decisions) and together we figured it out after looking at my dress & trying a couple of styles & different parts at the trial session. I was scared to try the old Hollywood glam look at first (and probably wouldn't have done it) without the confidence she gave me. In the end, I LOVED the final look and I just love Hannah! She is the best! “ //


“ Hannah was great! She is very, very talented. Her styling abilities are way beyond the run of the mill bridal styles (although she can do that too). Her work is extremely intricate and unique. I was very impressed and really happy. I highly recommend her.” //

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“ Hannah's professionalism, customer service, versatility, work quality, and personality are stunning. She arrived on time on-site 20 minutes early and patiently waited while we were getting ready. She came with all the necessary tools and accessories for those styles. She went off the photos I gave her even though they were all over the place in style. I used the photos to show her individual details of what I was looking for and she compiled them into exactly what I wanted. She used some product that allowed me to literally pat any stray strands back into place and it stayed like magic all day, night, and well into the next day. I still looked like a million bucks when I woke up the next morning. So grateful I found Hannah and I recommend her to anyone and everyone! All my ladies loved working with her! //